Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition - Artificial Intelligence

Pattern recognition is the ability to detect consistent arrangements of elements and classify these groups of elements based on their features. Pattern recognition relies on image detection. By using intelligent systems physicians and researchers can systematize the processing of large volumes of information. Artificial intelligence has provided numerous solutions to medical problems. Pattern recognition is invaluable in the healthcare field, and in the near future, these techniques will be used to establish pre-diagnostic information. 

The application of pattern recognition has two main approaches: traditional and modern. In the traditional approach, the investigator determines, by statistical analysis, those features that distinguish one pattern from another. The modern approach is based on a differentiation of forms and categories through a learning process.

In medicine, there are innumerable instances where it is important to recognize patterns. Using automated instruments facilitates improved diagnosis and treatment outcomes. In the field of dermatology, this system is highly successful thanks to its visual interpretation. At Swiss4ward we work with platforms that integrate pattern recognition functions to improve and streamline the medical process of identification.

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