Electronic Data Capture for Registries and Clinical Trials

Clinical trials - Registry - Data Capture - Analysis

To manage clinical trial data researchers use clinical data management systems.  IT and clinical registry have merged together in the last century and nowadays the data collection process is complemented by mobile e-Health data, biorepositories of biological samples for use in research (biobank) or repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources (data warehousing). It is set up to help with data processing from source through validation checks, analysis, reporting and storage.

The use of clinical data management systems has become essential in clinical trials to handle large amounts and various types of data. At Swiss4ward we have experience providing clinical research solutions such as SDNTT.

Increasingly more healthcare organizations use information systems. These methods reduce costs and improve the quality of healthcare. The feedback between care and research is becoming instantaneous thanks to changes in health care systems.

Clinical research is the study of living human subjects; diseases, behavior, response to treatments and epidemiology. It produces generalizable knowledge useful for future patients. This large amount of data needs a flexible and powerful IT solution, as its infrastructure has to ensure that clinical data can be used and shared for analysis.

Furthermore, clinical trials registry records data on health and treatment of a selected group of patients. Its goal is to test or verify the effectiveness or safety of interventions. A medical data registry is a system in which a standardized and complete dataset is collected for a group of patients. These patients have common diseases or are receiving the same treatment.