Electronic Data Capture for Registries and Clinical Trials

Clinical trials - Registry - Data Capture - Analysis

To manage clinical trial data researchers use clinical data management systems.  IT and clinical registry have merged together in the last century and nowadays the data collection process is complemented by mobile e-Health data, biorepositories of biological samples for use in research (biobank) or repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources (data warehousing). It is set up to help with data processing from ...


Interactive Education – Blended Learning – Continuous Education

Medical education is evolving along with modern technology. Professionals and students can access instructive material via computers or mobile devices at any time. e-Learning, also called web-based learning or computer-assisted instruction, delivers concepts and instructions to students using multimedia resources and didactic methods to enhance the learning process and contribute to a better assimilation of information. ...

e-Health and Online Consulting

Telemedicine - Teleconsulting - Telemonitoring

e-Health is a broad term that covers all applications of electronic devices for medical care. However, the use of information and communication technology in virtual medical refers to telemedicine. The discipline of telemedicine lies between medicine and technology and can be applied in a range of settings, including education, research, public health, administration services and patient care. All parts involved in the process ...

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition - Artificial Intelligence

Pattern recognition is the ability to detect consistent arrangements of elements and classify these groups of elements based on their features. Pattern recognition relies on image detection. By using intelligent systems physicians and researchers can systematize the processing of large volumes of information. Artificial intelligence has provided numerous solutions to medical problems. Pattern recognition is invaluable in the ...


Open Journal Systems - Conferences - e-Poster

Sharing knowledge improves education, and it's now easier than ever to create online publications for global distribution. At Swiss4ward we collaborate with Open Journal Systems, a guide for editing online publications. This open source software enables the management of creative journals through Public Knowledge Project code.

Another effective method for knowledge distribution is through conferences and events. ...

Event Management Software

Congress - Event App

Events and congresses join professionals, students and ideas, creating new partnerships, links, knowledge and shared experiences. Attending medical or corporate events is essential for professionals wanting to upgrade their skills and stay informed about the latest advancements in their field. 

Technology platforms ensure improved event management and ultimately better participant experiences. 

Swiss4ward has ...