Form Office

Clinical research form builder

Form Office is a web-based platform for creating professional and customized forms. It allows users to create any kind of forms and communities, share knowledge and organize different roles like project manager, doctor or respondent. The platform adapts easily to every project or activity needs as it is capable to solve different kind of goals: from daily activities of data collection to international scientific researches, to the complex optimization of healthcare processes and services. Form Office has proven particularly useful for hospitals, as a support for administrative tasks or workflows, making their procedures easier. Its functionalities contribute to patients' self-assessment, treatment monitoring and clinical trials. 

Form Office is an intuitive tool that offers a sustainable working method and an eco-friendly solution to save on print resources. The design is intuitive and attractive, minimizing errors and offering an extraordinary user experience.

The platform has a data protection system built according to international guidelines, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

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